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Halloween Writting Contest Entry

The following story was submitted as an entry in The Wanderer's fourth annual Halloween Writing Contest.

"Channel LL News" by Cybil Perry

"This is Ray reporting live from channel LL news. There have been sightings that a strange creature has been lurking in the Tri-Town area. We heard it has no hair, giant toenails and its right arm is deformed. We have spotted a blue pickup in many areas where the killings have occurred. So we believe he may drive somewhere, wander through the woods and then stalk his victims. The police have found many victims in a state where their ear drums have exploded.

One survivor, came forward after being tortured, and hospitalized told us her story. "I was taking a walk through the woods with my daughter Liz around six o'clock." said Tina. "We like to go out later to watch the sunset, but that night was just fog so we still did our routine and kept walking. We decided to turn around when it got darker and colder. We noticed that when we stopped talking we could hear a rustling in the leaves and branches. 'Did you hear that?' said Liz. 'Oh, it's only an animal,' said Tina. At that time, this creature with feet like a dinosaur jumped out with a pipe that appeared to be from a sink and started laughing. It was so piercing to my ears that right away my hands fell upon them and blocked out most of the noise. I noticed my daughter fell to the ground and had no chance of survival and could not escape the piercing sound of laughter. He snatched me within seconds and wandered through the woods to the blue truck and drove somewhere down Mattapoisett road. At that point while I was screaming and yelling, he used the rusty pipe and hit me in the head knocking me out. He must have thought he killed me at that point. I woke up on the side of the road with my ears ringing and the fog still surrounding me. I made it to the police station where they called the ambulance and pulled out giant toenails from my skull."

To this day this man still wanders the Tri-Town area either through the woods or by his blue pickup.

If anyone sees this man, please take caution: call the police, run away, shoot him on sight, or if you get caught in his deadly laughter, kill yourself.