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Halloween Writting Contest Entry

The following story was submitted as an entry in The Wanderer's fourth annual Halloween Writing Contest.

"Halloween" by Alexandra Mitchell

It was Halloween night. Molly was 11-years old and was dressed as a red, fiery, and mischievous devil. She had a pitchfork tail and pointy horns. In her right hand was a pitchfork with a point at the top of every prong. "You look adorable!" Molly's mother said. "Uh, thanks," Molly replied. She grabbed a tote bag to carry her candy in. Then she got a flashlight. "Bye mom," Molly said. "Bye honey! Be careful!" Mrs. Brown said as she bent down and kissed Molly on the cheek. Molly hurried out the door.

Helen, Molly's best friend, was on the porch. She was dressed as an angel. She had a white gown with an attached pair of wings. Resting on Helen's head was a halo. "Hi!" Molly and Helen exclaimed in chorus. Then they broke out in giggles while they walked down the stairs. As they walked up the street, Molly noticed something strange. "Where are all the Jack o' lanterns?" Molly asked. Helen just shrugged. The streetlights seemed to be the only lights on in the neighborhood. Suddenly, a black cat hissed walking towards them. There was a carved pumpkin floating above the cat. Molly turned on her flashlight and pointed it at the cat and the pumpkin.

The pumpkin blinked. It flew behind Molly as if it were inspecting her. Molly felt its warm breath blow on her neck. She shivered. Then it simply said, "Hello." Helen and Molly looked at each other in horror. Was this real? Then the cat said, "Cat got your tongue?" The cat and pumpkin cracked up. "Hi, I'm Helen and this is Molly" Helen said. "We are looking for everyone. Have you seen anybody?" Molly asked. "No, but why don't you follow us, we can lead you to our friend the Pumpkin King," said the cat. "Yes, the Pumpkin King is a wise pumpkin for he has lived for a while." Cat said. Molly and Helen, not knowing what to do, hesitated. But then again, it was not every day you see a talking pumpkin and cat.

They skipped along following the cat and pumpkin. Suddenly, they came to a halt. They were standing in front of a dark cave. "Don't be afraid, just turn on your flashlight," The cat said. Helen and Molly did so. They kept walking through the cave until they saw a huge pumpkin. It was ten times bigger than a normal pumpkin. It had jagged teeth and big narrow eyes. It did not look friendly or welcoming. The Pumpkin King let out an evil laugh. Helen looked terrified. "Hello darlings!" the pumpkin boomed. "U-u-h hello," Molly stuttered.

"What do you want?" the Pumpkin King asked. He breathed in heavily, causing the girls to get sucked in closer to him. He opened his mouth and Molly saw her whole neighborhood inside the pumpkin. He sucked in Helen and she screamed at the top of her lungs. The cat and the floating Jack o' lantern snickered and then walked away. Molly was unsure what to do. "Spit her out!" Molly said. The pumpkin thought about this. He already had all of their neighbors in his stomach. If he spit out one person, it would not matter.

"I suppose!" the Pumpkin King said. Then he spit out Helen. "We must save the neighborhood!" Helen whispered into Molly's ear. Molly quickly nodded. "Distract the pumpkin while I go get a carving knife and then you drop the flashlight so it rolls behind the pumpkin. Then wave the people to the other side of the pumpkin. I'll get the flashlight and cut the pumpkin in half," Molly said. "Thank you," the girls said together. Molly quickly rushed out of the cave. Then Molly saw Helen's house. She opened the door and went into the kitchen. Molly dug around for a carving knife. Molly pulled out a huge knife and put it into her tote bag. "How many people do you have in there?" Helen asked the Pumpkin King. "I don't know," the Pumpkin King thought. Just then Molly rushed in.

"Let's go home," Molly said. Helen dropped her flashlight purposely on the floor and it rolled behind the Pumpkin. "Oh no," Helen said. Molly walked behind the Pumpkin and picked up the flashlight. Helen looked into the mouth of the pumpkin and waved the people to the other side of the pumpkin. Molly pulled out her knife and cut the pumpkin into two. All the people rushed out the cave. Molly gave Helen a high-five. "The pumpkin's dead!" Helen exclaimed. Molly and Helen's parents hugged their children. "Good job!"

"Well I guess we'll be having plenty of pumpkin pie," Molly said.

Every one burst out in giggles. That was the best Halloween, Molly thought!