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Halloween Writting Contest Entry

The following story was submitted as an entry in The Wanderer's fourth annual Halloween Writing Contest.

"Untitled" by Emily Ziino

Chapter 1: Hi, I'm Veronica. I'm a small town girl. Well small town to me, maybe not to you. Our small town of Bloodville is filled with monsters. Literally. Yeah, you guessed it, I'm a monster. To be more exact, I'm a vampire.

My dad, Jerry, owns the store "Fangs 'n' Thangs." My mom, well, is just a stay-at-home-mom. It's probably the best thing ever. My brother Joey is just an annoying little five-year old, that looks up to me. My best friend, Aubrie, is the best friend in the whole world on earth! I couldn't live without her!

It's my second year of high school, and Non-Halloween is coming up. (If you're wondering what Non-Halloween is, it's October 31, the only day of the year when it's not Halloween, which for me is tomorrow.)

Until we turn fifteen, we stay home and do regular things on Non-Halloween. But, when we do turn fifteen, we get to do something really awesome, although I don't know what. All the older kids can't tell us either. For if they do, that person and their family will have to move permanently to the mortal world! Harsh, huh? Tomorrow should be so much fun!! I can't wait!

Though, right now I'm eating dinner. We're having candy. We monsters only eat candy because other foods are bad for us, like candy is bad for you. I'll get back to you in the morning.

Chapter 2: "Yes, it's finally Non-Halloween! I can't wait until 10:00 pm, when we leave to the mystery place!" I screamed.

"Quiet, I'm trying to sleep!" yelled Mom.

"Sorry, Mom," I called back.

I jumped out of bed, scrambled to my dresser, opened the drawer, and took out my absolute favorite outfit for the fall. It was a pink, orange, red, and yellow button-up plaid shirt that you wear with a yellow undershirt. Then I put my favorite skinny jeans on to finish it up.

I walked out of my room proudly, when my little brother came up in his pajamas and said, "Where are you going today?" I answered," I really don't know."

At 10:00 pm, my mom drove me to the center of town. I spotted Aubrie and her mom. We sat next to them on the school bus. (We take the school bus because it's the only vehicle that can travel through the force field between the mortal world and the monster world. My parents said it was the only bus in town, that's why we take it.) We started moving and it felt really odd. Ten minutes later, I couldn't remember anything, I...I...was going crazy! I was so scared I couldn't think, so I screamed, then I passed out, I think. It just happened so fast!

Chapter 3: The next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor of the school bus with most of the other kids. So then I knew I wasn't totally insane. Everyone was starting to wake up at the same time as me. All the moms and dads were so relieved that we were waking up, and so were we, until they said all at the same time like programmed robots: we're here, that is, in the mortal world. I was just so shocked. I thought we were going somewhere actually FUN, and not DANGEROUS. Our identity could be found out, and we could be put in a cage in a science lab. Didn't our parents love us, or were they going to suck our blood, and eat us up?

I stood up and immediately felt dizzy, and then I got hold of myself. I looked out the window, it was beautiful, and unlike all of the awful stories our parents told us when we were younger. I realized I was holding up the line. I walked out the door, and saw no people at all. Then as if on cue, a whole bunch of mortals came out of their houses and started walking toward us, I was so scared that I hid behind my mom like a scared little girl, which I was.

Chapter 4: I was little girl, A LITTLE GIRL, literally. All the rest of us were little girls and boys! (By the way, the mortals just walked right past us like we were invisible.)

"Girls and boys," said the bus driver like nothing out of the ordinary was going on, "We have turned you all into little kids so when a mortal walks up to you, you all make your scariest face ever and then run away. Make sure you are with a parent at all times, too."

We all walked away from the bus as I watched it roll away. I hurried to the cottage that the school had rented for us to stay in when people came trick-or-treating. When and if they came, that's when we do the scary face. The doorbell rang. I was the only one who heard it. I went to see who it was. It was a girl about my age, in a pink ballerina tutu. I said, "Hi," and forgot about the scary face thing. She said I'm Mia, and I'm lost.

I brought her in, and showed her to a room that was empty. We talked and talked and soon became friends. Aubrie came in and saw her. She didn't seem harmed at all. They met, and we all became "the three musketeers." Then we told her our secret, about us being real monsters. I think she believed it.

Chapter 5: RING, RING, called the doorbell. This time everyone heard it, but the teachers had to give him or her a speech about it. So we went downstairs, snuck behind the crowd and crept over to the door. The people were knocking furiously now. The door creaked while being opened. I hope no one heard it. As soon as they saw Mia, they grabbed her, hugged her, kissed her, and swung her around, all while saying "Don't ever do that to us again! Do you young ladies have a parent in there?"

We said in sequence "No," (Although we honestly did.)

"What are your names then?" said Mia's dad.

"Uh...Veronica" I said.

Giving me the don't-tell-him-our-real-names-eye, she said, "Yeah and I'm Aubrie." Before I could stop her, she said "They're monsters, daddy." She jumped out of her parents' arms, and formed into a teenager, just like we used to be. She was a witch.

Chapter 6: "Oh. My. Gosh." That was all I could say, I had never seen her in my life, but here she was. The princess of the monster world, with her mom right here! They ran away as soon as the baby was born.

The monster world just abandoned the whole king-queen thing because there were no more royal relatives left.

"Oh my gosh!" I screamed. "You have to come back to the monster world with us!

"We ran away because we didn't want to be royal, we wanted to live a normal life, just like you," said the queen, "Do you think we could come back and tell everyone that?"

"Of course," Aubrie answered.

"We're staying here for the night, since it's Non-Halloween. We also have to make scary faces at the people who come to get candy. So, are you in?"


We dropped water balloon spiders out the windows on people, we put candy on the ground with fishing line attached to it, and lastly we made the scariest faces on earth out of any of the monsters. It was probably the best night ever of my life, spent with my friends.

Chapter 7: Poor Aubrie barely had any room on the bed. (We had to share beds because there weren't enough beds for us each to have one.) We all got dressed, and headed downstairs for breakfast. I ate my cereal really quickly, because I was so anxious to get home. I was the fifth one on the bus, and within ten minutes, it was full. We started moving-this time I was ready. I did get a little dizzy, but stayed up the whole two-hour ride back to the monster world. Aubrie and Mia sat on either side of me. We got home, finally, and I ran to my brother. I squeezed my dad, and gave them a group hug. As for Mia, she moved back to the castle with her family, even though they weren't royalty. Aubrie did the same thing as me. It was the best "happily ever after" ever.