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Halloween Writting Contest Entry

The following story was submitted as an entry in The Wanderer's fourth annual Halloween Writing Contest.

"Bloody Wareham" by Alyssa Perry

On a small hill in Widows Creek, there stood an eerie house. The local people of this town always heard stories that the house was filled with evil. This is how the stories began. On Halloween night, screams and moans came from the cellar. The caretaker walked down the steps to see what it was and in her eyes was the nightmare that lived there. The thing, which she could not make out because even the flashlight she was holding was dim from the fog that surrounded them, took a chainsaw and cut her body. Blood splattered everywhere. Every Halloween that's all they would hear. A family moved in a couple of years later. It was almost Halloween. The mother, Sharon, and her son David and 16-year old daughter Morgan thought their life would be perfect but it failed for most of them with the tarantulas living about their house. They needed to do something.

"Mom I want to move. I don't like it here. I'm scared to sleep in my own room."

"Well, sweetie, not everything goes your way. The exterminator will be here tomorrow."

"It's not the spiders, mom, it's the weird noises. Last night I heard someone say my name, and I'm not crazy."

"Fine, we'll switch rooms for the night and we'll see what's so scary about it."

That night Sharon made a big mistake. It was Halloween night and David was trick- or- treating with his friend and Sharon heard noises in the attic. She walked up with a flashlight and a baseball bat. She put down the bat and opened the door slowly then she grabbed the bat again.

"Is anyone there?" she said. After her question, deep breathing came from behind the three stacked boxes. She ran towards the boxes to see if anyone was there. It was Morgan. She was crying while blood came down her arm.

"Morgan, what's going on? What happened?" Morgan pointed to the door. There standing was a scarecrow on its legs. It had a knife in each hand.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Sharon yelled. It started walking toward them. The old wood creaked as he walked. They were both frozen in fear.

"Die," the scarecrow said and then he stabbed them straight in the heart.

No one knows what happened to David when he came home that night and no one ever found the bodies that have been missing for over five years now.

Each Halloween, if you ever cross the eerie house on top of the hill, you can still hear the screams and moans.