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Halloween Writting Contest Entry

The following story was submitted as an entry in The Wanderer's third annual Halloween Writing Contest.

"We Will Never Go Back" by Hunter Hanks

On a very dark, spooky, rainy Halloween night, four boys went trick-or-treating. The four boys were in very scary costumes. They thought it was very funny to scare people. They scared all the families in their houses.

There was a big red barn. They went to the big red barn. The door was open. The four boys looked in. It was very dark and very quiet in the big red barn.

The four boys quietly stepped inside the big red barn. Then they heard a very loud screeching noise way up high in the rafters of the dark barn.

The four boys did not know about the farmer's guinea hens who roosted high up in the rafters of the big red barn. The four boys scared the guinea hens who scared the four boys.

The four boys who liked to scare people were now very scared. They tripped over each other as they ran from the big red barn. They fell into the big puddles made by the rain.

They ran all the way home and never scared people again. Each day when they walked past the big red barn, they said to each other: "We will never go back."