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Halloween Writting Contest Entry 12

The following story was submitted as an entry in The Wanderer second annual Halloween Writing Contest.
The winner will be announced in the October 30, 2008 edition.
Stories will be posted on-line as they are available in print.

That Night

On one Halloween night, four children's lives would be changed forever!

There is a chill in the air and it was like every Halloween night since these kids were about three. They were the best of friends, they did everything together like playing soccer, going to school -- they were even in the same class. They went to house from house like every kid who went trick-or-treating, and they were on their last block.

They were about two houses down before the last house. The last house was run down and old. The only time they say anybody go in and out of the house was when they were in the first grade, but now they are in the sixth grade, so it has been some time now.

They rang the bell and no one came. They reached for the door handle and the door was unlocked. So they opened the door and went inside and shut the door behind them.

They started yelling hello, but no one answered. They said it two more times. But still no one answered.

The first thing they saw was the most elegant dining room, with a chandelier in the middle over the most wonderful table, covered with thick cobwebs. But in the kitchen it only had a refrigerator with some ten-year-old Chinese food. It looked as if 100 rats had eaten and gnawed at the chicken bones.

Next, they went into the living room; it was not that great either. It only had a couch and fireplace and there was a grandfather clock that read midnight. But it was really only 8:05 pm. It smelled like a wet dog! So they headed up the stairs.

There were only three rooms up there. The two on the one side were empty. They walked in the middle room that only had a rocking chair facing the window out to the street. Then they heard a noise coming from the stairs. But all four kids were in that middle room.

They turned around and they saw two figures standing in the doorway. A glowing figure with the same outfit that the kids had seen her in from a portrait in the den. They also saw a butler with his suit. The butler asked them if they would like to stay for a minute, but they said "no, thank you."

The butler reached in his pocket and pulled out a gun and told them that he had killed the ghost standing right beside him and he will kill them, too. The children frantically ran down the stairs and out the door like there was no tomorrow.

And there would have been no tomorrow if they didn't run down the steps!

When the got outside, they ran right into a policeman. They told him everything and then the butler was standing at the door pointing the gun at them and then before he could even pull the trigger, the police officer pulled his gun first and hit the butler right between the eyes. The butler died. And so the kids went home all safe and sound and now the butler and the woman haunt the house each Halloween.

The police officer was proud that he saved the kids' lives; and now the kids have a great story to tell. And no one will ever come close to entering that house again.