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Halloween Writting Contest Entry 05

The following story was submitted as an entry in The Wanderer second annual Halloween Writing Contest.
The winner will be announced in the October 30, 2008 edition.
Stories will be posted on-line as they are available in print.

The Best Halloween Ever!

It was the night of Halloween and everyone was getting ready to go outside and go get some candy! Here was Mike and his sister picking out their costumes. Mike was being a vampire, and Mike's sister was being a pumpkin.

Mike's mom told his sister to stay with him. Mike and his friend Josh were also going out with their other friends. When Josh knocked on the door, Mike's mom told him not to go to Mr. Smith's house, and Mike said okay. So, then they were off to go trick-or-treating. Friends arrived and they were all saying that Mr. Smith has no candy, but has something this year special. Josh and Mike had a lot of candy and Josh was saying that they should go to Mr. Smith's house.

"Well, my mom told me not to go," Mike said.

Then Josh said who cares, then Mike said all right. They decided to go.

When they got there Mike's heart was pounding and pounding. They knocked on the door and Mr. Smith answered. Then Mike and Josh said "Trick or Treat."

Mr. Smith said, "Sorry but I got no treat ... but a trick."

Then Mike and Josh laughed. Then Mr. Smith said, "I have no candy but I do have lottery tickets." Then Mr. Smith said these tickets are for tomorrow.

I thought to myself that's not too great, but Mike and Josh took them anyway. Mike took his lottery ticket and he said, "I will look at the numbers anyway, even though I am going to lose." The numbers on his card were 12, 24, 16 and 15. Then Josh turned on the TV and switched it to the lottery channel and the girl on the TV said the numbers for the Mega Ball was $20 million and the numbers are 12, 24, 16 ... then Josh started yelling 15, 15!

The TV said "and the last number is ... 15!"

He almost passed out and started screaming so loud! Josh phoned his mom and she didn't believe it! Josh said, "I am going to help you, mom, to pay all your bills off and to help donate money to children that have cancer and cannot go out and trick-or-treat ever. And Mr. Smith, because he gave me the winning ticket. For me, I will now buy everything I want ... a Wii, laptop, flatscreen TV."

And mom said to save the rest for college. And so I did all that! I was very happy. That was, of course, my best Halloween ever!