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Halloween Writting Contest Entry 02

The following story was submitted as an entry in The Wanderer second annual Halloween Writing Contest.
The winner will be announced in the October 30, 2008 edition.
Stories will be posted on-line as they are available in print.

The Ghost of Halloween

Boo, it's me. I am the ghost of Halloween and the king of the Metaghosts. (Metaghosts are the type of ghosts that haunt certain people, places, things, or a certain day).

My name Gooblack, but you can call me Fred. Are you ready to hear the story when I, the Ghost of Halloween, conquered the mightiest of all ghosts hunters?

One day I was floating merrily down the hall in my haunted house, scaring people who crossed my path. As I passed the window, I casually looked out of it and in my driveway was a truck. It wasn't just any old truck; it was a ghost hunter's truck, clearly marked with the seal of the international ghost hunters' society.

I decided to lay low for a while to make it harder for the ghost hunter to hunt me down. As you may or may not know, I am the Ghost of Halloween, and since I am a Metaghost, I can roam the streets only on Halloween. I whispered to myself, "Wait till Halloween ghost hunter; I'm coming to get you!"

One day I was hiding in an abandoned shed when suddenly, the door burst open and standing in the doorway was my worst nightmare. It was Sir Ughad Vladmar, the most ruthless, terrifying, and famous ghost catcher. I tried to flee, but Sir Ughard had put incense around the shed. I was trapped.

Vladmar crept closer and closer. None of my scary faces could chase him off. He said an ancient incantation too horrible to describe. Whoosh! A force pulled on me. It was too strong! I was sucked into a bottle to await my DOOM (Demutualization Operation of Metaghosts).

There were only a couple of days till Halloween, but I was still trapped in my bottle. I yelled, "It's cramped in here! I'm not a genie! Someone help me! It smells bad!" Sir Ughad Vladmar wouldn't listen to one word, phrase, or sentence.

It was the night I've been waiting for: Halloween. My powers boiled inside me. Boom! The cork flew out of the bottle. Smoke poured out of the top. I was free at last! My magic set me loose on the world! Sir Ughard Vladmar, feel my wrath.

I tracked Vladmar down and cornered him. I spoke an incantation so powerful that even the mightiest heroes would fall before it.

Babity Bobity

Bipty Bop

Ughad, Ughad

Snippety Snop!

Sir Ughad Vladmar was sucked into the bottle that imprisoned me for many days and nights. Sir Ughad Vladmar was finished for good!

Nowadays I'm too busy to haunt people. I have way too many fans to please. I've told this story so many times that I built a museum in my honor. The people of Earth are always wondering what happened to Sir Ughad Vladmar. He's probably ... Oops, I got to go. My fans are waiting. Goodbye and beware!