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Halloween Writting Contest Entry 06

The following story was submitted as an entry in The Wanderer first annual Halloween Writing Contest.
The winner will be announced in the October 25, 2007 edition.
Stories will be posted on-line as they are available in print.

Clockray: Monster of Time

In a dimension deeper than the underworld is the prison of demons. It's where the most bloodiest, deadliest, most creepiest monsters ever live, but one monster escaped. His name is Clockray.

He steals souls so he can come back to life! If he collects 20 souls by the night of Halloween, the 20 people will die and Clockray will come back to life! Soon he will come to earth.

Clockray realized that he was in his hometown, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. Clockray thought it was the perfect place to steal souls because 20 people helped kill him. Soon he found his first victim, Officer Carl. He was the one who arrested Clockray. So Clockray snuck up behind him and sung his soul-stealer song and Officer Carl's soul was stolen.

Then gone were the souls of Steven, the killer; Paul, the person who got him killed; and 16 other people. Clockray soon realized that he needed more souls. The person who planned to kill him, Will.

Clockray got to his house and was about to do his song, but Will knew that Clockray was there and he knew Clockray's weakness. A clock will imprison Clockray forever. So Will threw the clock at him and then he was imprisoned forever.

The end ... or is it?