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Halloween Writting Contest Entry 07

The following story was submitted as an entry in The Wanderer first annual Halloween Writing Contest.
The winner will be announced in the October 25, 2007 edition.
Stories will be posted on-line as they are available in print.

Deadly Birthday Party

The town of Deathly Hallows is the creepiest, spookiest and scariest town in the entire world. On Deadly Street, all the people are dead. There's a cemetery called "Deadly Cemetery" and all the houses are haunted by the ghosts of the cemetery. But the Johnson family doesn't believe this.

The Johnsons just moved to Deadly Street a month ago. Their son Jimmy was born on Halloween. He is having his ninth birthday party on Halloween with his friends. His Mom put up many Halloween decorations for the party, such as fake spiders, bats, bones, cobwebs, a Frankenstein, a Mummy.

It was six o'clock, his friends have arrived. There was a fake Mummy to greet everyone, but it wasn't so fake. When the last guest, Jimmy's friend Peter, arrived at the door, the Mummy came alive and choked him. The Mummy wrapped Peter up and took him away.

The party just started, then Jimmy asked "Where is Peter?"

Then another friend, Harold said, "Maybe he got sick or forgot, he always does that."

While no one was looking, Harold went to grab some candy corn out of the bowl with the fake hand. The hand grabbed his hand and nails dug into his skin and sucked out the blood of Harold. The hand grabbed Harold and pulled him into the bowl into another dimension.

It was time for the punch-drinking contest to see who will go to the bathroom first. But the punch wasn't really punch, it's the blood of Harold and Peter. It was Jimmy vs. George first. Jimmy won and George had to go to the bathroom bad! In the bathroom there are spiders hanging from the ceiling. Then the spiders came to life attacking George and sucking out his blood. When all the blood was out of George, the spiders wrapped him in their web and flushed him down the toilet, into another dimension.

Jimmy started noticing that some of his friends "left the party." He hoped that they return because a clown was coming to the party. The doorbell rang, Dean, another one of Jimmy's friends, answered the door. It was the clown! Everyone else wasn't there to see the clown yet, which was good for the clown. The clown then sucked out Dean's blood and he looked like a deflated balloon. Then the clown took Dean's bones and his skin and put it in his bag. Then everyone else came to see the clown.

"Hey, where's Dean," Jimmy asked.

Then the clown answered, "Oh that kid, when he saw me a he freaked out and ran away ... poor guy must be afraid of clowns."

The clown entered and started to do his act. First, he made balloon animals. He took a multicolored balloon, which was really Dean, and made him into a spider and gave it to Jimmy. He started to juggle with the bones of Dean, but they didn't know that. Then Jimmy noticed what the clown was juggling looked like bones, with some blood on them. Jimmy asked him why the items he's juggling with looks like bones. The clown said it was for theme because it's a Halloween party. The clown did many other acts and it was time for him to go.

The rest of Jimmy's friend left. His Mom asked if he had fun at his party. He just wished all of his friends stayed to the end.

Do you think Jimmy's family will ever believe their street is haunted?