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Waste Water Treatment73 viewsThis is no drinking fountain. Last week, we met with Fairhaven DPW Superintendent Vincent Furtado and made it our business to learn more about the business of … your business and its journey from the toilet to the Fairhaven Wastewater Treatment Facility on Arsene Street in Fairhaven and out to New Bedford Harbor. Some 1,780 Mattapoisett residents receive municipal sewer service from the Fairhaven facility. Photo by Jean Perry
Waste Water Treatment61 viewsBacteria in the anaerobic digester break down the sludge in the left-hand cylindrical structure and the methane produced is stored in the white sphere on the right.
Waste Water Treatment61 viewsLeftover biological solids, or sludge, are sent to another building where they are compressed into “mud pies.” Some is sent to the anaerobic digester to produce methane gas for energy and the rest is hauled away for burning.
Waste Water Treatment58 viewsIn the aeration basins, water is bubbled and oxygenated, and bacteria are introduced into the mix to break down remaining suspended solids until it’s 90% clear. The water is disinfected with UV light before being discharged to an outfall point at the intersection of Main and Church Streets in Fairhaven into New Bedford Harbor. (Hopefully that lifesaver has never been needed.)
Waste Water Treatment58 viewsStep #2 starts in one of eight 15-foot deep concrete clarifiers where screened water is skimmed for oils by a long metal arm, and where 40% of solids sink to the bottom and are removed.
Waste Water Treatment56 viewsWorkers keep a collection of odd objects that got flushed and made their way to the PT building during the treatment process.
Waste Water Treatment57 viewsThe Fairhaven Wastewater Treatment Facility provides sewer service to 1,780 Mattapoisett homes, processing 2.7 million gallons of wastewater daily. First stop on the ‘flush to finish’ journey starts in the PT building (preliminary treatment). Here the flow is pinched off, grit screened, and paper/plastic debris shredded and separated. Photos by Jean Perry
Unseasonably Warm50 viewsA viburnum tree on North Street in Mattapoisett continues to bloom on New Year’s Eve day after an unseasonably warm fall and start to winter, creating an unusual juxtaposition against a still-hanging Christmas ornament in the background. The day marked the end of the region’s warmest December on record according to the NOAA. Photo by Jean Perry
Showstoppers82 viewsThe Showstoppers delighted audience members once again at the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra’s Holiday Pops Concert on Saturday, December 19 at the Zeiterion Theatre. As Maestro MacKenzie publicly declared, the invitation to have them return this year was a ‘no-brainer.’ "The Showstoppers knocked our socks off!" Photo courtesy Kelly Zucco
The Women’s Center85 viewsThe Women’s Center’s annual Holiday Gift Wrapping Fundraiser at the Dartmouth Mall has started and continues daily 9am-9pm through December 23, and 9am-1pm on Christmas Eve. Stop by the booth near Old Navy and get your packages wrapped (they do not have to be purchased at the Dartmouth Mall) or volunteer by signing up online at Volunteers are especially needed from 9am-6pm. Thank you for supporting The Women’s Center!
SouthCoast Children's Chorus78 viewsSouthCoast Children's Chorus who performed with the Sippican Choral Society in their 50th Anniversary Christmas Concert. This took place on Friday Dec 6 at the Wickenden Chapel, Tabor Academy Marion. Photo by Faith Ball
Christmas Wreath Sale 97 viewsTeam “Sole Survivor” held its annual Christmas wreath sale last weekend beginning on Black Friday, and they will continue to sell hand-decorated wreaths and crafts throughout this weekend while supplies last. The group is stationed out front of 428 Wareham Road (Route 6) in Marion. All proceeds benefit the Tri-Town Relay for Life. Photos by Colin Veitch
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