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Cairns78 viewsCairns have started cropping up again along the beach at the Nasketucket Bay State Reservation. The stacks of balanced rocks stand in and along the water’s edge, leaving behind the message to all others who pass, “I was here.” Photo by Jean Perry
Wanderer Aardvark77 viewsThe Wanderer Aardvark is out and about in anticipation of the weekend Harbor Days events at Shipyard Park in Mattapoisett. On Saturday, he was seen hanging out with another famous Mattapoisett resident, Salty the Seahorse. This year, The Wanderer will have its own booth at Harbor Days, with intermittent appearances by the Aardvark himself. Photo by Jean Perry July 14, 2016
Operation Osprey117 viewsThey’re back! We have been regularly checking the osprey nest platform at Brainard Marsh, a Sippican Lands Trust property in Marion, for the return of our osprey friends after the long spring migration back to Buzzards Bay. An osprey pair will mate for life and return to their regular nesting area after the two-week 2,700 mile journey from South America back to coastal Massachusetts.
Snow Flowers121 viewsThese sad-sallow daffodils in front of the Rochester Town Hall look pretty much like how we all felt Sunday morning when we woke up and looked out the window. The region experienced a strange series of snow squalls coupled with high winds on April 3, followed by a late spring snow and slush storm on Monday that manifested into unalloyed New England hell. Photo by Jean Perry
Clover Cover118 viewsJean Perry set out this week to find a four-leaf clover for the St. Patrick’s Day edition, certain that she would eventually find one. Perry has lost count of how many four-leaf clovers she has found in her life because it seems everywhere she looks, she finds one, or two, or three… This four-leaf clover was found close to the bike path in Mattapoisett near Brandt Island Road. Photo by Jean Perry - March 17, 2016 edition
Take Your Child to the Library Day121 viewsThe Plumb Library in Rochester participated in the national “Take Your Child to the Library Day” on Saturday, February 6. Encore Entertainment, Mr. Vinnie from The Toe Jam Puppet Band, and “Professor Trelawney” greeted kids and their families during the event that Children’s Librarian Lisa Fuller said was all about raising “library awareness.” Photos by Colin Veitch. February 11, 2016 edition
Flush to Finish155 viewsThese friendly furry faces were the first to welcome us at the Marion Wastewater Treatment Plant/petting zoo last week. In our second installment of ‘Flush to Finish,’ we explore ‘the business of your business’ in Marion. We will also introduce you to the three elephants at the plant – the sludge lagoons. Photo by Jean Perry
2016 Groundhog Day Cover Contest181 viewsAn entry from our 2016 Groundhog Day Cover contest by Charlene Correia & Richard Waite
2016 Groundhog Day Cover Contest159 viewsAn entry from our 2016 Groundhog Day Cover contest by Rowen Arnold
2016 Groundhog Day Cover Contest147 viewsAn entry from our 2016 Groundhog Day Cover contest by Cynthia MacCallister
2016 Groundhog Day Cover Contest141 viewsAn entry from our 2016 Groundhog Day Cover contest by Alexandra MacCallister
2016 Groundhog Day Cover Contest129 viewsAn entry from our 2016 Groundhog Day Cover contest by Gerrie Medas
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