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Mattapoisett Major282 viewsMajor Mark J. Tenerowicz, USAR, MC, of Mattapoisett poses with a copy of The Wanderer at the front gate of the the 399th Combat Support Hospital in Al Asad, Iraq where he serves as a Major in the the US Army Reserve Medical Corps. (06/07/07 issue)
Tombstone Travelers253 viewsMary Redman, touring Tombstone, during a visit to see her son, Mark Redman, in Tucson, AZ. (Photo by Bill Redman). (06/0707 issue)
Passport to Portugal250 viewsMembers of the Mattapoisett Touring Group pose in front of the 16th century Jeronimo’s Monastery with a copy of The Wanderer in Lisbon, Portugal during a recent trip. (Photo courtesy of Kay Levine). (06/07/07 issue)
Beach Bound234 viewsRed Sox fans Ross and Brady Garcia pose with a copy of The Wanderer during a recent trip to Myrtle Beach with their family. (06/07/07 issue)
Toya Gabeler-Vietnam.jpg
Touring Thailand336 viewsToya D. Gabeler poses at Xieng Khuan (Buddha Park) in Vientiane, Laos with a copy of The Wanderer during a recent trip to both Thailand and Laos. (05/03/07 issue)
Out of Egypt252 viewsAudrey Andrews poses with a copy of The Wanderer during a recent trip to Cairo, Egypt. One of the country’s historic pyramids can be clearly seen in the background. (05/03/07 issue)
Gordon Family-Mexico2.jpg
Once Upon A Time in Mexico285 viewsOn a recent vacation to Riviera Maya in Mexico, Alex Gordon and his family along with John and Cathy Coucci and their family posed with a copy of The Wanderer. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Gonsalves.) (05/03/07 issue)
Charlotte Field.jpg
Mexican Standoff280 viewsLibby Field and her daughter, Charlotte, pose in Tulum, Mexico during an autumn break in October with a copy of The Wanderer which featured Libby’s father, Horace Field, Mattapoisett’s Assistant Harbormaster, and his dog Bonnie on the front cover. (05/03/07 issue)
Go, Notre Dame!381 viewsAnthony and Emily Chasse of Harbor Beach, Mattapoisett pose with The Wanderer outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France during a holiday trip. (Photo courtesy of John Theriault). (03/22/07 issue)
Daniel Bell.jpg
Bell in the Bahamas282 viewsDaniel Bell of Mattapoisett poses with a copy of The Wanderer at the entrance to Fernandez Bay Village on Cat Island, one of the outer islands in the Bahamas. (03/22/07 issue)
Mattapoisett to Montego302 viewsGeorge and Cheryl Randall of Mattapoisett pose with a copy of The Wanderer in front of the water wheel at Montego Bay in Jamaica during a recent trip. (03/22/07 issue)
Library in Ireland262 viewsMattapoisett Library Director Judy Wallace and husband David Gries pose with a copy of The Wanderer outside the site of the National Library of Ireland which is currently being restored. (03/22/07 issue)
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